Woodland Company offers many capabilities in support of programming, website and computer room needs. We offer the following services:

  • Application Development
OMNIS Classic and OMNIS Studio
PHP, MySQL, XML and more...
  • Website
Backend Installation & Setup
Ongoing Support
  • Computer Room
Installation & Setup
Ongoing Support

Application development using Omnis Classic and Omnis Studio from Raining Data. Services include custom development and support for existing applications.

Our specialty is a unique understanding of the storage and retrieval of information for enduser accessible knowledgebases.

Web application development combining server and software resources. Software tools include PHP, MySQL, XML and other current multi-platform development tools. Servers include hardware running Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Website backend development and implementation using current software and hardware technologies. includes intranet, extranet and other network configurations with the necessary servers, storage and backup systems. This combined with web application development provides a complete solution.

On-going website support to include administration and maintenance of existing hardware and software resources. On-site and off-site remote access capabilities are available.

Computer room implementation from the groud up. Includes facilities, rack systems, power subsystems airconditioning, and associated resources.

On-going support for computer rooms including maintenance, parts replacements and upgrades of facilities, rack systems and associated resources.